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We digitally transform agriculture through low power wireless networks networks (LPWAN)

Ag-Fox connects field sensors to the cloud via Sigfox LPWA

Advisory services

We understand your goals, then make recommendations

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System Design Consulting

Share your goals, brain-storm solutions, converge on recommendations based on your, budgets and time frames.

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Proof of Concept

Bring about Proof-of-Concept designs on time and within budget. Start building your expertise with a Pilot and integrate your backend machine learning and analytics.

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Proof of Commercial Value

Analyze the commercial ROI to create proof-of-value justifying initial deployments, re-investments and IoT success stories.

Real IoT project experience

Recent Success Stories

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Weather Station w/Cloud Integration

Adding Sigfox connectivity to a SDI-12 based weather station removes the requirement for a data-logger,and enables direct data connection to the cloud

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Wireless connectivity solutions

Lower cost, longer range, and lower power than any other connectivity option, Sigfox matches Agriculture IoT sensor use-cases.

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Fast Proof of Concept Execution

When it's time to prove the value, set up and commissioning is as simple as turning on the device. Data starts flowing to the cloud immediately.

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Rural coverage area

One Sigfox base station can cover over 300 square miles. Sensor connectivity costs can be as low a $.01 per day.

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